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Greetings traveller and welcome to the Ghost Zone, where spooks, phantoms and spectres alike come out to play and prey on the unsuspecting.  But a word of caution traveller, some of these spooks are mischievous, others are demonic and extremely dangerous.  Take note to my word of caution and do not stray too far from the path. 

RIP Mr. K Put
RIP Mrs. K Put


 The Hall Of Ghouls


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What Is A Ghost?

It is commonly believed that a ghost is the apparition of a dead person. When a person dies their mortal remains stay on earth but their soul leaves the body and passes into the afterlife, known as the spirit world.  Sometimes the soul does not pass through and can remain trapped in our dimension.  It is believed this is how and why hauntings and apparitions occur.  Ghosts are usually very similar in appearance to the deceased person and are often encountered in places where the dead person frequented.

The word ‘ghost’ also refers to the spirit or soul of a deceased person, or any spirit or demon.  Ghosts are often associated with hauntings, which is, according to the Para-Psychological Association, ‘the more or less regular occurrence of paranormal phenomena associated with a particular locality, especially a building, and usually attributed to the activities of a discarnate entity; the phenomena may include apparitions, poltergeist disturbances, cold drafts, sounds of footsteps and voices, and various odours’ - does this sound familiar to you?

It is often thought ghosts are stuck in our dimension because they have unfinished business to deal with or are just happier here.  Maybe they were in love with someone and refuse to let them go.  Or people who die prematurely in un-natural circumstances, such as murders or accidents for example may refuse to pass into the afterlife as they were taken before their natural time and they have unfinished business to fulfil in our plane of existence.

RIP poor old Fred, borrowed a chainsaw off his mate and severed his head.
Here rests Mr. Hive (or was it Loz), put his finger in the socket to see if it was live (which it was!)
RIP Mr. Rye, struck down by lightning but lit up the sky.

Special ceremonies called séances can help move a spirit on into the afterlife.  The person conducting the séance is called a medium and uses their spirit guide in the other world to find and question the  spirit that is causing the hauntings, and help them find peace and move on to the afterlife.  These ceremonies are also called a ‘clearing’.

When people move into a new house they usually request the local parish priest to visit their home to bless the house, which consists of saying prayers in every room and spraying holy water.  This cleanses the house and will rid it of any evil spirits.

My own belief is that ghosts do indeed exist.  There have been far too many reports throughout history for it to be a mere coincidence.  Like everything in life you get true stories and fake ones.  You can read about my own experiences of the paranormal on the ‘Mickey Mysteries’ webpage.  Ghosts are, and will remain a controversial anomalous phenomenon until we can get a scientific explanation to prove otherwise.  In the meantime our understanding of ghosts remains firmly outside the realms of current science.

Sleepy Hollow


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Here lies Johnny Brown, was 6 foot up now 6 foot down

Types Of Ghosts

Like everything in life there are opposites; dark and light, good and evil, heaven and hell.  It is exactly the same with ghosts; you can have friendly ghosts and evil ghosts.  Some ghosts may be just mischievous and can often be wrongly thought as being evil.  It is often thought by paranormal researchers that mischievous ghosts, such as polterguists, are the spirit of a young person in their teenage (adolescent) years. Evil ghosts are called demons and are considered to be extremely dangerous.  Unlike a ghost a demon has never walked on the earth.  It has never lived a life as a human.  Fortunately demons are extremely rare and their are few people in the world who are trained how to deal with them; a practice that is called Demonology.

There are several different classifications of ghosts:

Orbs - The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts in photographs. Sometimes the artifact is in motion, leaving a trail.  Spectral orbs are like a ball of light and are thought to be spirits.  It is thought that orbs are the first part of a ghost’s energy before it manifests itself.  Ghosts are thought to abosrb energy from their surroundings, which may explain why the temperature often decreeses and the place feels cold when a spirit is present.

Dead Men Drinking

Orbs move very quickly and are difficult to detect with the human eye.  However, there is also scientific explanation for orbs.  They can be produced naturally by accident due to the elements and conditions around the person taking the photo.  Most orb photographs are merely the result of reflections of dust or even weather conditions such as rain and humidity.  Moisture, dust and airborne particles up close to the lens at the time of the flash can affect the photos and produce orbs.

RIP Captain Lee, steered his boat onto rocks and drowned at sea

Ectoplasm - the second form of a ghost is an ectoplasmic mist.  Ectoplasm is a physical substance that manifests as a result of ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘psychic phenomenon’.  Ectoplasm is said to be produced by physical mediums when in a trance state.  This material is excreted as a gauze-like substance from orifices on the medium's body and spiritual entities are said to drape this substance over their non-physical body, enabling them to interact in our physical universe.  Although the term is widespread in popular culture, the physical existence of ectoplasm is not accepted by mainstream science. 

Apparition - an apparition is the final phase where a ghost manifests itself in front of your eyes.  An apparition is the strongest of the spirit phases and is thought to require a huge amount of energy.  Apparitions are sub-divided into further categories:

Carnate – a solid looking physical entity; object or person, which can actually be touched.  This type of ghost can interact with the person witnessing the phenomenon.

Discarnate – an entity with no physical body.  These types of ghosts are non-visible to the naked eye but usually make their presence known by a drop in temperature or change in atmosphere.  Polterguists are always discarnate ghosts.  I have personally experienced a discarnate ghost (but not a polterguist), which you can read about in the Mickey Mysteries webpage.

Doppelgangers – are phantams of the living.  The word literally means your twin self.  It is often thought to be extremely bad look if you see your doppelganger.  People who are ill, bereaved or experiencing some sort of emotional crisis often claim to see doppelgangers.

Here lies David the Great, missed an appointment with his loan shark and soon became the late late great.

Re-enacting ghosts – these types are limited to their actions and often re-play or re-enact an event that has already happened in the past, such as a battle during a war.

Extra-dimensional – these are entities that originate outside our space time continium, such as aliens or extra-terrestrial life. 

Rest in peace Mr. Chu, sprung his mortal coil whilst on the loo Here lies Mr. Savvy, also perished whilst on the lavvy

Poltergeist – literally means: polter (noisy), geist (spirit/ghost).  It is a German word used to describe a loud or even violent ghost.  Polterguist activity is when a phantom can move objects around, or throw them.  It is often thought polterguists are mischievious spirits of young person in their adolescent years.  Polterguists can be very disruptive to the living as they can create chaos in someones home.  They can also disturb the living by making continuos or random noises, usually banging.  There are also reports where people have witnessed objects or even other people levetating or being spun around in mid-air with nothing physically moving them.

Here rests Percy Qed, had a short-temper and now he always see's red RIP Mr. Miller, a butcher by trade and also a serial killer

Psychological -  These 'ghosts' are simply hallucinations which appear to someone for various (usually medical) reasons; hypnagogic (border of sleep), visions, tricks of light, drugs and alcohol.

The Lost Souls Room

Ghostly Myths & Facts

Ghosts don’t just come out at night as commonly assumed.  They are often encountered in broad daylight and not just inside a building but outside too.

Ghosts aren’t always transparent.  They can be as solid looking as you or I appear.  From my own personal experiences (which you will read about on the Mickey Mysteries page) the people I have questioned who claim to have seen a ghost stated that it was a solid entity that vanished rapidly into thin air leaving no trace.

Here rests Mrs. Leaher, didn’t look where she was going and fell off the end of a pier

People think that ghosts are harmless, and in most cases they are.  Remember the famous phrase 'the dead can't harm you'.  However, there are many reports over the years where poltergeist activity has injured people.  There are also claims that poltergeists have caused fires.

RIP Mr. Mearce, ran across a main road and was knocked down by a hearse RIP Freddy Frocket, drank some fuel by mistake, lit his cigarette and took off like a bloody rocket

Belief in ghosts is traced back to as far back as 3,500 B.C. in early Egyptian manuscripts which speak about spirits and out-of-body experiences.

The Capital Building in Washington D.C. is allegedly haunted by a demonic cat that appears in the basement to foretell national disaster.  However, it has not appeared in recent years, which questions the credibility of this claim. 

Legend has it that a ghost cannot cross a body of water.  However, I cannot find any evidence to support or contrast this claim. 

RIP the ice-cream man was found dead in his van, covered in hundreds and thousands and raspberry sauce.  His name was Mr. Charlie Melf.  When the Police investigated they concluded that he had topped himself! Here Lies Cedrick Diggery, murdered by the Dark Lord Voldermart

About one quarter of the population believe in ghosts.  One in six people believe they have experienced a paranormal encounter at least once in their life.  Paranormal encounter meaning to have either seen, heard, of felt the presence a spirit.

Do I look like a ruddy gravestone to you? No didn't think so.  Now bugger off and leave me alone. Here rests Mrs. Bream, got trapped in her freezer and turned into an ice Queen (she’s thawed out now though)

Up until 1953 attempting to conjure a spirit or ghost in Britain could mean a year imprisonment as doing such an act was considered to be a form of 'witchcraft'.  All Witchcraft Laws were repealed in Britain during the mid 1950's.

RIP Tommy Hooter, found dead in his chair whilst on the computer.  The Police said he had died of fright; because he had been viewing the Forbidden Sector on the Mike Fenton Website.

Ghosts can show up in photographs even when they are not seen by the human eye. This is because they are an ectoplasmic spectral light - a different type of light that our eyes cannot see.  You can see ghosts under night vision because it amplifies any type of light.   A camera can pick up orbs, but they are not usually seen by the human eye as they move too fast.






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