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Welcome dear mortals to Mickey Mysteries, where I'm going to tell you real stories about my own personal supernatural encounters.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Good, then I'll begin, Muh ha ha ha..

Why I Believe In Ghosts

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with tales of the paranormal.  Although I have never actually seen a ghost (and come to think of it I don't really want to either!) I have personally experienced two supernatural encounters over the years that cannot be explained to this day within the realms of science; one of which I can remember, the other I have no recollection because I was very young. 

Beware Of The Deadly Spiders

For the first time ever I would like to share with you my supernatural encounters.  I guarantee that all the stories on this page are completely true and are told exactly as they happened.  I haven't exaggerated anything.

The Spider Queen

Aunty Maud

The following tale happened to me when I was just a toddler.  Obviously I do not remember this incident because I was only very young.  I have had to interrogate my parents to acquire the facts of this story.  However, I feel honoured that Aunty Maud came back to see me one last time and give me a special message, which I hope I am fulfilling to this very day in her memory.

Many years ago when I was about 2 or 3 there lived an elderly lady next door to me.  Her name was Maud and she absolutely adored me.  While I have no recollection of what she looked like, if I concentrate hard and focus my mind I can recollect a friendly woman living next door to us, but unfortunately I can't recall her face or her appearance, and we have no photographs of her as she wasn't related to us. 

However, I can recall some fond early memories of this lovely women; I remember getting stung by a  bee because I accidentally stood on it in the garden and Aunty Maud being there to help and comfort me.  The bee was on the manhole cover inbetween the grooves on the patio because I can vividly remember looking down at it as I felt pain in my toes - isn't it strange what you can remember if you concentrate and focus your mind!

I can also just about remember chasing butterflies around the garden with this friendly old lady.  I called her Aunty Maud even though she wasn't my Aunty.  We were never even related!

Sadly Maud dropped dead suddenly one day - quite literally.  She had suffered a fatal brain hemarourrage and dropped dead on the spot.  She was retired, aged about 65 when she died. 


My parents decided not to tell me of her sudden death because they thought I was too young to undersatand and wouldn't be able to cope with the sad news.  So instead they made up a story and told me that she had decided to go and live with her sister far, far away and would never be returning.  Oh how wrong they were...


The following morning after Mauds death my Mum and Dad were in the living room when they heard me talking upstairs.  My Dad thought this was a bit odd as there were only the 3 of us in the house, so he came upstairs to investigate.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs he looked across the landing and saw me standing in their bedroom, talking to the cupboard as if I was answering a question.  "Who are you talking to Michael?" my Dad asked me, and apparently I turned around to face him, paused, and said in a relaxed casual tone, "Aunty Maud".

Please do not disturb the sleeping dead

My Dad froze rigid on the spot and felt a cold tingle run down his spine.  After composing himself he asked me what she had said to me, and I replied "She told me to be a good boy when I grow up". 

The witching hour is almost upon us

Ever Get The Feeling You're Being Watched

This story touches me deeply because Maud must have decided to come back and spend her final moments with me before passing into the afterlife.  I must have meant so much to her - maybe even the most important thing in her life at that time of her life.  My memory of her has sadly faded, but may her memory live on forever. 

Normal eyes or demonic?

My Mum was also spooked when my Dad told her of the strange incident.  I did not know that Maud was dead, nor did I have any reason to make up such a bizarre story at the age of 2-3.  It was definitely un-explainable, even to this day.  This story raises the topic that young children are more succeptable to seeing and communicating with ghosts.  It has also been reported that certain animals, particularly dogs, are also more succeptable to seeing ghosts.

Just Married
I'm waiting for you from the inside  
It Was Love At First Fright

Now They're Joined In Eternal Matrimony


The fact that I had communicated with Maud is and will remain totally un-explainable within our current understanding of science.


I dedicate this story the fond memories of Aunty Maud, someone who meant a lot to me in my early years but who's face I have sadly forgotten.

In memory of Maud Beaumont






A Mickey Mystery - is it a nice smile or an evil grin?






Woolton Manor

During my mid-teens I went to an old, abandoned manor with my Dad, who had been employed to design the new central heating system.  The manor was going to be turned into a nursing home after being empty and neglected for many years.


As soon I crossed over the threshold of the manor by walking through the main door I felt a sudden icey, cold chill run right down my spine.  It really shook me and stopped me dead in my tracks.  I did not feel scared at all, the only way I can describe it was a supernatural feeling - I knew someting wasn't happy, somthing was not right - there was an unhappy atnosphere, which made me shiver.

Upon meeting the caretaker, who had lived in the manor for several years with his two alsatian dogs, I explained to him what I had experienced when I walked through the main door into the manor and he told me the manor was haunted by the old matron.  Many years ago the manor used to be a nurse barracks.  When it became un-occupied the spirit of the old matron had become unhappy.  The caretaker had actually seen the ghost of the old matron on evening, dressed in her black uniform. She appeared right in front of him before vanishing into thin air a couple of seconds later.

Beware The

Whispering Skull

When I asked him what it is like to see a ghost he said it is just like looking at any living person.  You see a solid figure, not a transparant entity like most people think.  He also said they just suddenly appear and then disappear into thin air moments later.  I was intregued with his story because I knew he was telling the truth.  I had also felt the presence of the ghost even though I hadn't see it.  He told me that  she mainly haunts the room at the front of the manor next to the clock tower, and then took us up there to investigate, which was spooky! 

The room was icey cold even though it was mild in the rest of the manor and it was a warm autumnal day outside.  The atmosphere in room felt very heavy and powerful to me and I felt like I did not want to be standing in there - it was almost overwhelming.  The caretaker's two alsatians would not enter the room.  Instead they stayed by the door growling as if they could see something, refusing to cross the perimiter into the room - this was really bizarre and quite scary to me because they could obviously see something I couldn't!  I asked the caretaker to take a picture of my Dad and I in the room, which he kindly did. 

Demon of SATAN

I have that photograph of my Dad and I in the room somehere in my archives (probably sitting up in my loft waiting to be discovered again) and one day I will post it right here on my website for you all to see (when I find it).

I have never been back to the manor since this day, but I have been told the ghost is now at peace because the manor is occupied once again - this time with elderly people as it was converted into a Nursing Home in the mid 90's.


DO NOT (under any circumstances)

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My Sixth Sense

I have an incredible sixth sense.  It's something I cannot control and happens involuntarily.  It is a bit like a back-up system and has influenced several of my decisions in life that have proved (in hindsight) to be critical ones.  I will suddenly get a thought in my head, which will just appear out of nowhere.  Or my adrenaline will suddenly start to race through my body for some unknown reason.

I have discovered that these signs are usually to warn me of impending news (usually negative) or to turn me away from making certain decisions, and to steer me onto another path (which in hindsight proves to be the correct path).  I have several examples of where my sixth sense has worked for me in the past, but these stories are deeply personal to me and the time is currently not right for me to recount these stories.  Maybe one day I'll share my sixth sense stories with you.


Que Sera Sera

I believe that ghosts cannot harm us. However, I also believe that we should not meddle in the occult or with the supernatural. If they want to communicate with us then they can and will do so of their own accord.  We shouldn't try and communicate with them as it can be very dangerous. 

Most people are scared of the  whole concept of ghosts.  That is because we don't fully understand them and can't explain why it occurs.  It is these two factors that breed fear within us.  However, during my own paranormal experience (the one that I can remember) I did not feel scared at all, just uneasy.  In society we prey on the scary image of ghosts, for example at fairgrounds where we have the ghost train and haunted house.  Even in movies such as Ghostbusters, Polterguist and the Exorcist.  We even have ghost tours and walks in most of our major cities.  All of these things have been designed to scare but entertain people, taking them out of their comfort zone and exploring the un-explained and un-predictable. 

Hubble, bubble toil and trouble


I have even exploited this fear by creating the Forbidden Sector and adding scary special effects; audio and visual, to make you jump and feel uneasy.  The basic underlying fact is that people love a good ghost story.  They liked to feel scared occasionally.  I hope I have successfully tapped into this concept and scared you, but also entertained you at the same time.  It was never my intentions to completely terrify you.  The movie Ghostbusters is one of my favourite movies because it scares you in places but it is also entertaining; like a scary comedy.  This is what I was aiming to achieve with this project.  Project Horror was originally going to be called 'The Spooky Sector', but I thought this was a bit too tame.  So I eventually decided on the 'Forbidden Sector' as it sounds more powerful and menacing.

The Headless Horseman

Que Sera Sera, whatever we'll be we'll be, the future's not ours to see, Que Serra Que Serra.

Sweet dreams tonight folks!


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