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My Memories

Oh how I used to love Button Moon, from it’s dreamy theme tune, to the impressive visual effects. But what I loved the most about Button moon was that, as a child, I could relate quite well to the show as everything was made from household items. From upside down brushes which were trees to the show’s signature rocket, which was made out of a heinz baked beans tin and an upside down funnel – simple but yet so effective!  I use to love all the moving abjects in blanket sky and the rocket passed them by, such as the turning umbrellas. I also remember an episode with a giant, wobbly female Jelly who was upset over something. However, the real reason why I remember this is because someone bought me a Button Moon on DVD a few years ago and I’ve had a blast watching them all again with fond memories! I have even found a few screen shots of this jelly for you to enjoy below!  Be back soon Button Moon…


The Concept

Button Moon featured the Spoon family who lived on Junk Planet. Their house was a cardboard box and even had the word ‘box’ written on it! However, the show focused on the adventures of Mr. Spoon who would travel to Button Moon in his homemade rocket-ship each episode. 3-2-1 blast off! The ship would travel through blanket sky, pass some sort of dancing objects before landing on the top of Button Moon, which was indeed a big yellow button. All of the characters within the show were based on kitchen utensils, as well as many of the props.

Once on Button Moon Mr. Spoon would have an adventure by looking through his telescope and observe someone else. Then he would head back to his home on Junk Planet. Sometimes he took his family with him on his adventures. The series ended in 1988 after 91 episodes.

Button Moon was originally conceived by Ian Allen as a stage show for Playboard Puppets in 1978. Allen adapted it into a TV series for Thames two years later. The first series of 13 programmes was transmitted in 1980. A further 6 series of 13 programmes followed, making a total of 91 different Button Moon adventures. There was also a live stage show which ran during the late 1980s and the early 1990s. The stage show was popular at many theatres including the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury and the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. Episode names included: Three Little Pigs, Billy Goat's Gruff, Scruffy and the Bone, and The Hare and the Turtoise. The props and puppets of Button Moon were controlled by strings and wire. During the show if you looked close enough you could see the technicians dressed in black controlling the puppets.

In recent years Mr. Spoon has become a famous poster pin-up amongst students. This is probably due to the shows environmentally friendly theme.


Blanket Sky

Blanket Sky really is an extraordinary place. The route from Mr Spoon's house to Button Moon takes us past ever-changing sights, like rippling streamers and bright Summer kites, or spinning windmills. Occasionally, bubbles drift by the window of Mr Spoon's spaceship as a soapy bucket and mop washes the stars, to make them shine even brighter. But it's not always so cheerful.  At times umbrella storm clouds can gather, rain pours from big green watering cans and a line of fork lightning zig-zags down - but it was only a passing shower. Other times a flock of Banana Birds take flight and lead us on to the fruity delights of the Planet Gooseberry! Blanket sky was quite a remarkable place and a defining moment in the show. 


Button Moon

From a distance, Button Moon is merely a small round yellow button with nothing much to offer its visitors. However, as the rocket gets closer Button Moon gets much bigger in size and when the rockets lands safely on Button moon its secrets are revealed. A network of pipes extend far away into Blanket Sky. This is where you'll find the Bottle Army, and Big Small and Little Bottle. The piping forever changed its layout and colour. Along the pipe work Freddy Teddy's red toybox and Ragdoll's lovely dollhouse could be found. But the most popular haunt on Button Moon was the Button Moon Theatre, where the bottles queue up to watch performances of "The Snoring Princess" or the theatrical masterpiece that was "The Paper Garden". The Rainbow entrance and box office lead into a large auditorium with stalls and a high balcony. There are also two special boxes located left and right of the stage - the seats of choice for Mr and Mrs Spoon on the occasion of their anniversary visit.


The Paper Garden

Presented at the Button Moon Theatre on the day of Mr and Mrs Spoon's anniversary, this is a deeply romantic tale which brings a tear to Mrs Spoon's eye. The story went something like this: Princess Ping is the daughter of the Emperor of China, who lives in a paper palace with a paper garden. Ping is in love with Pong the lowly gardener, but the Emperor sets him a cruel task.  Pong must bring back a silver claw from the Magic Monster in the Mountains if he is to marry his daughter.  And thus Pong departs.

The Princess waits and waits for his return. But when he fails to appear she sets sail in pursuit. She sails for many sunsets until she encounters a vulture, warning her away from the mountainous island she is approaching. But Ping alights and climbs the mountain until she meets with a mound of waste paper that stirs and reveals itself to be none other than the Magic Monster with the Silver Claws. The Monster has snared Pong, who now tends the creature's paper garden. Now that Ping and Pong are reunited the Monster sees they are very much in love and he relents. He decrees that he will have his silver claws cut, and he will donate a claw as a wedding gift, provided the couple return to see him again.  And thus True Love wins through, and Ping and Pong are married and live happily ever after!


The Characters

The main characters were Mr. Spoon, Mrs. Spoon, Tina Teaspoon, and Eggbert, who was Tina’s friend.

Minor characters included Captain Large, Small and Little. Large and Small were forever up to mischief making a mess. They were the Laurel and Hardy of Button Moon. Other minor characters included: Bottle Army, Rag Doll - who was a bit of a nuisance to her friends. Freddy Teddy and Wibbly Wobbly Man.

 A Blast from the Past

Did You Know?

The show premiered on ITV on 8th December 1980

It ran between 1980 - 1988 spanning over 7 seasons

A total of 91 episodes were produced

The creators of Button Moon also made the Spooks of Bottle Bay

The show was narrated by Robin Parkinson

Each episode had a running time of 10 minutes 

Button Moon was created by Ian Allen

The Button Moon theme tune was actually sung by former Dr Who star Peter Davison and his actress wife Sandra Dickinson 



Theme Song

We're off to Button Moon,

We'll follow Mr. Spoon,

Button Moon, Button Moon.


We've been to Button Moon,

We've followed Mr. Spoon,

Button Moon, Button Moon,

Be back soon Button Moon.

Blast Off
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Unanswered Questions

The whole concept of every episode was Mr. Spoon spying on different people with his telescope. Hmmmm, was that legal?


Famous Phrases

“3-2-1- blast off”

“There’s Button Moon, shining high in blanket sky”

“What a splendid performance, but it really is time to go now Mr. Spoon””

“Be back soon Button Moon”



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