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 dashing and daring, courageous and caring


My Memories

I used to love the Gummi Bears.  I especially liked the quick cars and quick tunnels, which were great for getting our furry little friends from A to B in lightning speed.  Ah, if only such a thing existed in reality, then it wouldn’t take me over an hour to commute to work!  I also liked the way Grammi bear would cook a fresh batch of gummiberry juice and they used to bounce all over the place when they drank it.  They kept the juice in little wooden flasks tied to their waist and would drink it when in a difficult situation in order to escape quickly.

The Concept

Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears was an animated series that was created by The Walt Disney Company in America.  The series was set in medieval times in the once populous but now vacant Gummi Glen, except for 7 gummi bears who live there.  The world has other gummies, which feature in some episodes; the Great Gummies are refugees living elsewhere and awaiting a signal to return.  Other gummies live in a place called Ursalia.  Allies of the gummies include the people of Dunwyn (Princess Calla and Cavin), other kind humans, and other Gummi Bears.  Their main nemesis is Duke Igthorn, who wishes with the aid of his ogres, to rule Dunwyn.

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The Gummi Bears gain their temporary ability to bounce by drinking Gummiberry Juice.  If the juice was consumed by humans or ogres they would gain temporary superhuman strength, although on humans the effect would only work once a day and tended to wear off after about a minute, and drinking too much would cause unknown side effects, as Toadwart found out in one memorable episode. It also serves as fuel for various Gummi devices, especially flying machines.  For these reasons the bears kept the recipe secret.


The episodes came in two formats: (1) - A single story taking the time of the entire time slot, or (2) - Two short episodes, one of moderate length cut by a commercial break, and one shorter episode between two commercial breaks.

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The Gummi Bears was Disney's first successful foray into television animation.  At the time of its first premiere, very few, if any, animated television series were on par with the Gummi Bears production values. It even exceeded the quality of much Japanese anime made for TV at the time.  Gummi Bears is often credited by animators and animation historians as having helped jump start the massive boom of television animation in the late 1980s and all through the 1990s.

Another remarkable characteristic of the Gummi Bears was its depth coupled to its wide appeal - children would delight in the antics of the characters in the traditional 'good triumphs over evil' stories, while teenagers would find definite delight in characters bucking of stereotypes, for example Gusto and Cubbi.

Ultimately, the longevity of the Gummi Bears could be derived from the extremely rich Universe it portrays - one which is clearly anchored in a Medieval Europe similar to Earth history, but whose pre-history is underlied not by men, but by the Ancient Gummis.  The many level of mysteries and unfinished tales within the Gummi Bear's Universe gives it an immortality which transcends that of more mundane fare, and has allowed their production to be one of the longest lasting of any Disney Cartoon.

Gummi Bears also became the forerunner for Disney's famous Disney Afternoon timeslot, which gave way to classics such as DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin.  Although shows created in its wake such as the above mentioned exceeded Gummi Bear's budget and length, it is often credited as the sort of prototype to all of the subsequent animation which followed it, while DuckTales really jump started the trend.  Nevertheless, it was a gamble which paid off tremendously in the long run.

It should also be noted that this show has the most number of seasons of any Disney animated series. Even though it did not have the most total episodes, this shows that Gummi Bears was approved for 6 straight seasons, something no comparable show has done before or since.  Even some of the big non-Disney animated series such as Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, or Spider-Man cannot match this claim.  Some shows like DuckTales have more episodes but fewer number of seasons.  The significance of this is that there were new episodes contracted and made from 1985 to 1990.

Banana-rama - Guilty Of Love In The First Degree

The show was so successful in the United Kingdom that the episodes A New Beginning and Faster than a Speeding Tummi were released as theatrical featurettes there in 1986 and 1987.

 The Characters

The are seven Gummies that live in Gummi Glen: 


Gruffi - the every job, no-nonsense, perfectionist and conservative Gummi.  He is the technician of the group, and has a running feud with Grammi.  Gruffi also can be viewed as the leader of the Gummi Bears, but his stubbornness, conservatism and use of pure muscle often bring

himself and the others more trouble than they put right.  However, in other times Gruffi has been the source of stability for the group, such as convincing Zummi he could defeat an evil wizard without magic, or rebuilding an old mechanical knight to help Princess Calla save her father.


Zummi - the ‘wise magic user’ Gummi.  The colony's ‘keeper of Gummi wisdom’ turned magician with un-reliable skill.  Frequently forgets important things, including spells, at the worst possible moment and does spoonerisms when stressed.  He is also very helpless when he loses his glasses and suffers from acute acrophobia,

which troubled the Gummi Bears frequently.  Zummi is one of the oldest Gummies of the group.


Tummi - the always hungry, gluttonous teenaged Gummi who is seemingly slow in thinking and action, but is as courageous as the rest.  He has a sweet tooth, is a talented planter and loves building model boats.  Tummi also has excellent skills at seamanship when he is on a real boat.  Unlike

other members of the Gummi clan, he wears sandals as regular footwear.  His name perferctly reflects his character.


Grammi - the ‘mother’ and matriarch of the Gummi clan.  She cooks, cleans and prepares the Gummiberry juice.  Her cookings, which sometimes are purely experimental, are not always appreciated by the others.

In her arguments with Gruffi she takes the maternal, moderating role.


Sunni - the young ambitious Gummi who often rebelled against the clan but learned her lessons in the end.  It is implied on several occasions during the series that she is considered attractive for a Gummi Bear.  Sunni is quite fond of rather 'radical' fashions, and her

dream is to one day be a princess.  Sunni is Calla's best friend. She has a crush on Gusto, but in his zealousness for art he doesn't take much notice of her.  Interestingly she was the only Gummi who didn’t wear a hat!

Cubbi - the ‘youngest’ Gummi.  An aspiring knight, he is always looking for adventure and often finds it.  Because of his youth, he is often not taken seriously by the others, which is just as frequently a huge mistake.  When fighting crime at

Dunwyn, he uses the masked identity of the ‘Crimson Avenger’, which he assumed soon after Calla dubbed him ‘the unseen defender of Dunwyn’ for saving her from Igthorn.


Gusto - the ‘artistic’ Gummi.  His full name was Augustus but the others called him Gusto.  This character was introduced in Season 3.  He was an individualist and lived away from the Gummi Glen with his toucan friend, Artie Deco, in a cave hidden behind a waterfall.  He had an

out-going personality and was a polar opposite to Gruffi, whom he constantly tried to loosen up, sometimes with moderate success.  Being a later addition, he appeared less often on the show, although he is a fan favorite.  He also wore sandals like Tummi.



Other Characters

Human friends who knew about the bears


Cavin - the squire of Sir Tuxford.  Cavin befriends the Gummi Bears in the first episode and shares the same ambition as Cubbi; to become a knight. Cavin also had the medallion, given to him by his grandfather, that opened The Great Book of Gummi, the source of all Gummi Bear wisdom.  The young squire also has a secret crush on Princess Calla.


You remember Mighty Max

Princess Calla - the daughter of King Gregor, ruler of Dunwyn.  She is an adventurous character and she often drags the dumbstruck Cavin (who she is overly fond of) into story situations.  Calla also befriended the Gummi Bears and is close friends with Sunni.

Sir Gawain – is Cavin's grandfather.  He originally found the Gummi Medallion which Cavin had been wearing until he gave it to the Gummi Bears. He is highly idealistic and loves to tell tall tales of the Gummi Bears on every suitable occasion.  


  Other Gummi Bears

Sir Thornberry - an old Gummi Bear knight, and the last inhabitant and self-appointed keeper of the Gummi Bear city Ursalia.  Somewhat absent-minded but brave, and has a very good nose which he uses to track scents like a dog.


It's Wac-a-day no school todayIt's Wac-a-day no school today

The Barbics - a group of rugged Gummi Bears who had been driven out of their home by humans and found refuge in Ursalia.  Notable characters are Ursa - their hot-blooded female leader who often comes to verbal blows with her counter-part Gruffi.  Gritty - Ursa's one-eyed right hand.  Buddy - their youngster, who becomes friendly with his age-mates Sunni and Cavin.  

The Gummies of Gummadoon - the inhabitants of a Gummi Bear city who used magic to vanish it and themselves from hostile humans.  They reappear every 100 years, for one day only. Notable characters are Counselors Wooddale and Berrybowum, and the knights Sir Plucky, Sir Blastus and Sir Gumlittle. The name 'Gummadoon' is likely inspired by the musical play and movie 'Brigadoon' about a Scottish village that also appears only one day every 100 years.  

You can sing the theme tune to Happy DaysYou can sing the theme tune to Happy Days

Chummi Gummi - a Gummi bear who was in search of Gummi Glen as a rest stop prior to arriving at at New Gumbrea where the Great Gummies were situated.


 Enemy Characters

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Duke Sigmund Igthorn – the main nemesis of the Gummi Bears.  A former knight of Dunwyn, he was exiled after conspiring against King Gregor.  He found refuge in Castle Drekmore and formed an army of local ogres.  He is a bad-tempered and scheming villain, who constantly seeks the conquest of Dunwyn.  After having encountered the Gummi Bears, he has employed their secrets time and again to fulfill his plans, but he always meets only short-lived success at best.  Eventually, he later became responsible for the fall of Gummi Glen.  


Toadwart (Toadie) - the smallest ogre on Drekmore and Igthorn's lackey and second in command.  As his name suggests, he is a fawning and enduring character who bears any bullying and punishment brought upon him by the Duke and his fellow ogres. He is also the smartest of his kin and was one of my favourite characters in the show! 

Lady Bane – an evil witch who is in possession of a Gummi Medallion much like Zummi's, and craves any power she can get her hands on for her bid for power.  She is served by her jackal-like Troggles and on occasion by Duke Igthorn, whose crush on her she finds very annoying.

Ogres - Duke Igthorn's shock troops.  Big and strong, but very, very stupid, they constantly call their master ‘Dookie’ - much to his annoyance.  

The Trolls - A band of green-skinned and diminutive thieves trying to do their best to better their positions at the expense of other people.  They are very skilled in kitbashing and operating mechanical devices, such as traps and weapons.

Carpies - a race of vulture like creatures living on the spire like Carpy Mountain. They capture Sunni twice - first for her singing talent, then to become their Queen.

You remember Eric was Banana Man

Unwin - a knight squire at Dunwyn.  A big bully, loud-mouth, and in reality a coward, who constantly picks on Cavin.

Zorlok – creator of the Doomsday Clock, he is an evil sorcerer who was imprisoned underground by the Great Gummies, who used a locking spell on him.  When Zummi opens a section of the Great Book dealing in advanced magic, Zorlok senses that it is his chance to be freed.  Zorlok's goal is to get his revenge on the Great Gummies, then destroy the world. 

Blankety Blank, Blankety Blank


Gummi Glen - A vast underground warren that was once the home of hundreds of Gummies, but now houses only Gruffi, Grammi, Sunni, Tummi, Zummi, and Cubbi.  It was the home for the Gummies until it was destroyed by Duke Igthorn when he used the super-termite, Bigtooth, on it to prevent the Gummies from stopping him in his quest to conquer Dunwyn.

Castle Dunwyn - The kingdom that the Gummies defend from Igthorn.  Among the people who live there are their friends Cavin and Princess Calla.

Castle Drekmore - Duke Igthorn's lair.  A very unclean castle that also holds Igthorn's ogres. 

Ursalia - The ancient Gummi Capitol, which housed the Great Gummi Library.  When it was found by Gruffi and Cubbi, only Sir Thornberry was living there.  The library had contained all of the Gummi Bears accumulated knowledge, but the books had all deteriorated to dust due to centuries of neglect.  A Gummiscope can also be found in the city.  

Quick Tunnels - Wooden roller coasters on stone tracks used by the Gummies as a means of transportation.  These fictional roller coasters look very similar to what engineers from Disneyland and other Disney Theme parks would later create when they built the Splash Mountain rides.  This was my personal favourite element of the show!

Berryborne, Great Bearton, New Gumbria - Kingdoms where the Gummi Bears sailed to in their exodus when the Gummi-Man alliance was destroyed.  It is unknown whether Berryborne or Great Bearton were successfully colonized; however, initial contact determined that there were Gummis living in New Gumbria.

Fangwood Forest - An ancient Gummi village where the Gummies specialized in agriculture, unlike Gummi Glen which specialized in education.  Tummi and Gusto travelled there to look for a gummiberry bush.  A warren left in ruins which looks identical to Gummi Glen can be found there as well as some old trees which can talk.

Drekmore - A dangerous land filled with all sorts of monsters, like the Ogres themselves.  After Igthorn was banished from Dunwyn, he made his way here and became the ogres leader.  He plotted his revenge on King Gregor ever since.


Did You Know?

There were 95 episodes made in 65 shows; 30 shows consisted of two separate 12 minute episodes.  Each episode was 22 minutes long. 

It was loosely inspired by the gummi bear candies in a personal experience with Disney CEO Michael Eisner, whose son had asked for some gummi bear candies one day, which gave Eisner an idea for another animated show. 

A series of toys were made based on the show and a fruit juice drink called Gummiberry juice.  Both retailed in the UK.

It aired in the mid-1980s through the early 1990 and premired in the USA on 14th September 1985

The theme song, "Bouncing here and there and everywhere", was written by Michael and Patty Silversher. 

Gummi Bears was one of only three shows in the Disney Afternoon generation of TV animation that had a series finale (the other two being DuckTales and Gargoyles).  All the other shows such as Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Bonkers, and TaleSpin lacked a ‘last episode’, and were for the most part ended on open notes.

There were several in-jokes at Disney during some episodes; one episode (and one of my personal favourites by coincidence!) was called Todies Wild Ride.  There used to be a ride in Walt Disney World called Toads Wild Ride (based on the Wind in the Willows character).  You can watch this episode by clicking the links below in the Video section! 

There were also some scenes that had Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck statues in, and some bugs in one episode were wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and shoes!

Super Ted

Unanswered Questions

What powered the quick cars in the quick tunnels?  They just started moving very fast as soon as the level was lowered.

What was the secret recipie to make Gummiberry juice?


Theme Song 


Dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,
Faithful and friendly,
With stories to share.
All through the forest,
They sing out in chorus,
Marching along,
As their song fills the air.

Gummi Bears,
Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure that's beyond compare,
They are the Gummi Bears.

Magic and mystery,
Are part of their history,
Along with the secret,
Of gummiberry juice.
Their legend is growing,
They take pride in knowing,
They'll fight for what's right,
In whatever they do.

Gummi Bears,
When a friend's in danger they'll be there,
Lives and legends that we all can share,
They are the Gummi Bears,
They are the Gummi Bears,
They are the Gummi Bears!



Gummiberry Juice

Take an ounce of bounce,
A pound of pounce,
And ripe gummiberries in varying amounts.
Dump them in a pot,
Stir 'rm till they're loose,
It's really something special,
It's gummiberry juice.

Gummiberry, gummiberry juice,
Gummiberry, gummiberry juice,
We can bounce like kangaroos,
With gummiberry juice.

Berries in the pot,
Are extremely hot,
There's enough to last a week, and that is quite a lot!
But you'll have to wait,
For the concentrate,
It's extra-ordinary, and it tastes really great!

Cool Videos

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one of my fave episodes! 

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King Igthorn



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