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Don't worry - be happy





Don't worry - be happy





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Polly the Parrot and her chumsGlitter Ball

Celebrating All The Good Stuff From

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I luv the 1980's
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Rubix Cube 

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Mr. Sun Let's Begin It Mr. Sun Again!

Greetings humble web surfer and a very warm welcome to my all-singin', all dancin' micro-site, suitably titled 'A Blast from the Past'.  Here we celebrate all the good retro stuff from the 80's, preserved on these very pages for your enjoyment.  Time has stood still and you'll find a fun and vibrant theme on every page. 

Who ya' gonna call! Pacman



- - Spin It Again - -

Don't you ever find that your fondest memories come from your childhood?  I certainly do and that's what inspired me to design this microsite.  To start with I am going to explore 80's Children's TV shows, from Rainbow to Fraggle Rock - all your old favourites are right here!  When I researched the material for this microsite I was flooded with loads of happy retro memories that had been hiding in the back of my mind and had now leaped forward to make their second debut. 


Boy George - Culture Club
Karaoke Pop Culture

The shows featured on this page are just a small selection of my personal favourites.  More will be added in due course and I'm giving you the opportunity to influence which shows you want to see featured.  Simply leave your comments in my online forum, located in the Interactive Zone and I'll do my best to feature it.

They drink it in the Congo!
Another Mr. Sun
One of the classic TV-am logos

Here on the BFP pages I give you a 100% cheese guarantee; I'll provide you with the most colourful and exciting webpages dedicated to the 80's.  I'll give you a full, compact synopsis of each show containing all the 'buzz' words to jog your memory of the show. I'll include all my favourite bits, screen clips, theme tunes and sound effects.  I'll also provide you with amazing facts you never knew about the shows, of which there are plenty!   

Space Hoppers

So come on folks, re-live your childhood right here right now.  Take that long overdue stroll down Memory Lane and find yourself lost in a world of happy memories.  If you were an 80's child like me then this is your wake up call.  So make sure your speakers are turned on nice and loud, and prepare yourself for a Blast from the Past - let the good times roll..

Stuck in the 80's An early Donkey Kong game


Star Bright

Star Light


This webpage and all the others in the micro-site are fully interactive.  Simply scroll your mouse pointer over the flashing stars for a blast from the past.  And each magic star has a different, unique slogan!

Look-In magazine with Canon & Ball
Retro specs

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Wham Bam Speak & Spell

 Coz I ain't planning on going solo... 

Be very happy!
Be very happy!
Be very happy!
Be very happy!
Be very happy!
A Blast from the Past


I originally acquired the idea to design a retro website back in 2004, but it has taken 4 years to develop the concept into the site it is today.  The main problem was due to space constraints - I wanted to feature loads of 80's shows with their theme tunes and my old website simply didn't have the space.  Several test/pilot pages were created including 'Mickey's Retro World', but none of them made it onto the website main-frame as I wasn't happy with the presentation or content.  When I purchased my new website (MFW Beta) in 2007 I acquired loads of extra space, more than enough to accomodate my new micro-site!  You are now viewing the conclusion to my original idea all those years ago!  Project BFP is all about remembering the good times and feeling good about life - if you feel both of these things then I've achieved my objectives.  

Rubix cube
Laugh a lot!!



    Club Tropicana Drinks Are Free

Beach ballClub Tropicana drinks are freeBeach ball


These Happy Days are Yours and Mine

Who could forget Screwball Scramble

Or Pop-up Pirate

Now Available

the following pages are online right now

Gummi Bears

Button Moon

Button Moon



Zippy & George


Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock


80's Retro Quiz

80's Retro Quiz
Care Bears Sonic the Hedgehog

Push Pineapple Shake The Tree 

Frank Sidebottom

Do you remember the cheesy tunes of the 80's? Did you 'Agado-do-do-do' or 'Do the Conga' to make the party stronger?


Flwer Pwer

An early TOMY game console..or is it a mobile phone!


- - - Tetris - - - 

 Who'd have thought a block puzzle game would be sooo adictive?Who'd have thought a block puzzle game would be sooo adictive?


All the trouble we'll get in with another Tale to Spin
A Blast from the Past

Lego was one of my favourite toys because you could build just about anything out of it!


Don't forget to scroll your mouse pointer over the magic stars on every page to get a genuine and unique blast from the past!


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A Blast from the Past micro-site was launched on 1st March 2008 by VH

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