Something Is About To Go Wrong


The Incredible Hulk Coaster standing proud in all its glory

The Concept

Feel the rage of the Incredible Hulk!  Something has gone seriously wrong with Dr. Bruce Banner's gamma-ray accelerator.  Suddenly you're launched from zero to forty mph in just two seconds flat whilst going uphill!  All you can do is hold on tight as an angry Hulk roar fills your ears and you smash through the sky on a unique, crazy, high-speed roller coaster rampage.

Feel the fury & power 


My Memories

Make no mistakes about it, this beast is one green, mean, incredible twisting metal machine! I remember going on the Hulk for the first time with my best friend Joy in its opening year in 1999.  You enter the ride's queue as a volunteer and walk though the lab of Bruce Banner.  Overhead TV's tell the story behind the Hulk and how Bruce is trying to find a way to reverse the effects.  And guess what - you're the lab's guinea pig who is about to take part in the experiment.



Joy and I had queued for about 40 minutes before getting to the front of the line, and we boarded the train in sheer excitement.  Now in those days we were a bit naive and hadn't really studied the ride properly, so we had no idea what to expect - big mistake on our parts!  Before we knew it the train was leaving the station and we set off into the great unknown, completely oblivious to what were about to endure.


The Hulk is like no other coaster you have ever been on before, it's completely unique.  It starts off quite innocently as you enter a giant cylinder, climbing slowly up the lift hill, like you do on most other coasters, but this one was luring us into a false sense of security.  The cylinder is actually Bruce Banner's Gamma Ray Accelerator - the experiment you are about to take part in.  You go up the lift hill nice and slowly inside the cylinder until you get about half way up when things begin to go wrong.  Bruce Banner's voice can be heard saying in an unconvincing voice "Everything looks good, I think this time it's gonna work…" 

Dr Bruce Banner The Incredible Hulk

Suddenly things start to go wrong very quickly.  An alarm sounds and the ride's security system belts out "Warning, coolant levels dropping, Warning".  Then things go from bad to worse as Bruce shouts out "No, no nooooooo…!"  Now don't say you weren't warned folks!  Joy and I looked at each other in total bemusement, wondering what on earth was going on with the ride, and if we're completely honest with you, we we're starting to panic!  However, not even we could have predicted what was about to happen to us...



Out of nowhere the coaster train accelerated at a ridiculously scary speed, going from 0-40 mph in just two seconds whilst going up-hill!  The upward launch pulls 1-G and it literally feels like you're a ball being exploded out of a canon.  You can see the light at the top of the cylinder coming towards you at lightening speed - believe me folks its bloody scary the first time you experience it and when you're not expecting it, but after the initial shock, surprise and feeling of sheer dread in your tummy, its totally awesome!  The power as you are launched out of the cylinder is breathtaking and mimics the Hulk's rage perfectly.  I remember quickly thinking to myself as we were being launched up the hill 'hmmm maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all!'.  It is the only coaster that Joy and I have wanted to get off!


As you are fired out of the top of the cylinder the ride gets another one on you.  It immediately does a zero-g weightless roll right at the top of the cylinder before plummeting back down to earth.  Once again it feels like you have been exploded out of the giant canon, the train has lost control, twisted around and is now hurtling back to earth about to crash.  It's totally insane but it happens so quickly you really don't have time to think about it and take it all in.


Then, just when you think it couldn't get any better/worse, you are manoeuvred into a massive cobra roll and do another two crazy inversions.  The cobra roll is defiantly my favourite part of the ride because it is quite unique and totally disorientates you - you don't know what's going on and all you can see is ground, sky, ground, sky and then ground again!  Immediately following the cobra roll you come hurtling back to earth at fast speed before going straight back up into a giant 360 vertical loop-the-loop.  Then you're plunged underground into a green smoke filled tunnel.  At this point of the ride, the train's speed has reached approximately 60-67 mph.  So let's re-cap here; within the first 20 seconds of the Hulk you have gone through four incredible, stomach-churning inversions at high speed!

The train then encircles the gamma tube pulling 4Gs in the process before going through a corkscrew, which sends the train into the back section of the ride.  There is another smaller vertical loop in the back area which wraps around the block brake run.  It looks like your head is going to hit the track going through the middle of the loop!  Next the train goes through two over-banked turns and into the block brake run, where it is slowed slightly. 

A few sub-terrain trenches, another corkscrew and turn-around manoeuvre later and the train manoeuvres through a helix before entering the final brake run.  When the train stops and its all over you simply cannot believe the experience you have just been put though.  The adrenalin rush is immense and if you're like me, you'll be buzzing for hours to come.  If you are ever in Florida and want to go on an unforgettable roller coaster adventure than you owe it to yourself to give the Hulk a try and experience the rage and fury - it will leave you feeling and looking green!

Facts & Figures


Steel, sit down, tyre propelled launch coaster


28th May 1999


Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)


Werner Stengel

Max Height:

110 feet

First Drop:

105 feet

Top Speed:

67 mph

Max G:Force:



3,700 feet


1920 riders per hour




7 in total; zero G-roll (1), cobra roll/camel back (2), two vertical loops (2), and two corkscrews (2)


8 cars per train. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 32 riders per train.  The ride launches a train every 90 seconds.



Did You Know?

The Hulk is partially built over water.  Special effects send jets of water flying out of the side of the track as the train flies past into the cobra roll.

The track is painted in bright fluorescent green so it glows in the dark at night.

The lift hill features a unique tyre propelled launch system.  About half way up the incline 220 independent motors beneath the track suddenly kick in, which power the coaster wheels and catapults the train from 0-40mph in just 2 seconds whilst travelling uphill - pulling 1G in the process! 

The launch is so fast and powerful that the train can do a weightless zero-G barrel roll right at the peak of the hill.

The power demands for the coasters launch system are so intense that the ride has its own dedicated power plant generators, so it doesn't drain the power out of the rest of the park every time a train is sent into orbit.

When it opened in 1999 the Hulk featured the world's tallest cobra roll.  The latter part of the ride has two subterranean trenches.

It has been voted one of the top 10 steel coasters in the USA and is currently ranked as my number 1 roller coaster.

The ride manufacturer (B&M) sub-contracted the launch mechanism to another company because it was opposed to launched coasters due to perceived reliability problems.

The Incredible Hulk was featured at the beginning of the 1999 film House on Haunted Hill under the pseudonym "Terror Incognita".


My Review


Incredible in every sense of the word and totally faultless!  The best coaster I have ever been on by a Mickey-mile! The Hulk's power and rage will take your breath away.  An absolute must for any coaster fan! 


It's located right at the front of the park and as a result guests immediately see it and flock straight to it, bumping up the queue time.  I've only been on it twice and am twitching to ride it again!


10/10 - An incredible experience and egineering masterpiece. Dare you ride it!

 Joy and I experience the Hulk on the very back row!

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