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A world of many experiences awaits you in the all singing, all dancing, ever expanding virtual world of the MFW.  What will you discover when you explore my website?  Where will the mischief take you? 

Making Memories

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In Paradise

Inspiration Lights
The Fire Within

Greetings web surfer and a very warm welcome to the MFW!  Now in our 10th year we have been making online mischief since 3rd March 2003, which has proved to be a huge success amongst friends, family and colleagues alike.  Here you can explore my high definition photo galleries in 'Mickey's Piccies'.  But if browsing at photos is not your thing then fear not, as we have loads of specially themed areas to discover:

Experience something wacky and comical in the Prehistoric Zone.  This primitive cave man themed area pays homage to classic TV shows from yesteryear, such as the Crystal Maze.  It is also bursting to the seems with cheeky innuendos. 

Are you a bit of a retro junkie?  Be sure you check out 'A Blast from the Past'.  Here we celebrate all the good stuff from the 80's with a fun and vibrant theme.  Take that long overdue stroll down Memory Lane and let the good times roll... 

Experience the dark side of the MFW if you dare in the Forbidden Sector, featuring famous ghost stories from British fokelore and my own personal tales of the paranormal, with a few things that go bump in the night along the way.  This sector is not for the fainthearted and guaranteed to scare you silly.

Why not get involved and have your say, or leave your comments and suggestions in the 'Interactive Zone'.  Here you can read the latest news in my blog, join in the great debate or create your own discussion topic in my online forum.  You can even sign my good ol' Guest Book to let others know you've visited. 

Be the first to be informed of new webpages and major site updates by signing up to the official MFW mailing list.  Registration takes about a minute and is fully automatic, meaning you can un-subscribe at any time by clicking the links at the bottom of each email.  Why don't you sign up right now?

Feeling a bit lost and confused.com by the size of my..erm..website?  Simply use the sub-menu located on the top left of every page for easy navigation.  You will find the site map link in the sub-menu which lists all the webpages of my site

I originally created the website for all my friends, family and colleagues to enjoy.  It was designed to preserve memories from various social nights out and family gatherings over the years, and to provide an online photo album that can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime - that's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  The MFW is online all of the time and instant Mickey Mischief is just a mouse click away in any country - quite an incredible achievement and something I am still very proud of to this day! 

The MFW is all about positive energy.  It is not meant to be taken seriously.  We're about providing you with online entertainment.  Here you can experience every sense known to man, and woman!  We will scare, confuse, entertain, surprise and excite you... but not all at the same time because that would just be silly!  Quite simply the MFW is a place where you can reminisce on the good times gone by.  I hope you are flooded with many fond memories when exploring my website and if I can put just one smile on your face then it was worth all the hard work!

Like most websites the MFW is a work-in-progress; it is never finished and constantly evolving and improving.  There is always something new on my website as it is regularly updated, so please call back here again soon.  Why not bookmark the MFW and add it to your favourites list so you wont forget the address?  

My website may not change the world but I guarantee that it will entertain and make you smile.  So sit back, chill out and be inspired.  After all, it's inspiration that lights the fire within!

 With so much to see and do, where will the mischief take you?

 Happy surfing and may the mischief be with you


- The Webmaster    


Let The Good Times Roll



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